The Smile Project: Days 331-365

331. January 20: Nick DiCello and his 15 years of life

332. January 21: Oven Fried Chicken, Williams Sonoma, good wine, the professor, the President, Michelle’s hair.

333. January 22: Shenna, Melissa, lululemon community. A Kristie Hawkins spin class

334. January 23: Emily Greenaway, Ayani Herrera, Lindsay Spoerl, Debra Kosek and some SkinnyFit

335. January 24: Jessi, the professor and vinegar

336. January 25: Ladies of the gold coast, new starbucks, the professor, midday yoga with julie, date night with Becca

337. January 26: FaceTime

338. January 27: Woody Allen, It-lee, Zombie Dust cocktail

339. January 28: “Honor thy butt”, Callie Munson, Abandoned CSA

340. January 29: Kristie Hawkins, Liz Berey and a filtered water fascination

341. January 30: AMRAP at SkinnyFit

342. January 31: Lauren’s “No Pants” delivery policy

343. February 1: Dehydrating everything, Rick Bayless

344. February 2: Bour-BON, Bull-EIT, “You get out of here!” 

345. February 3: Violent commercials, Beyonce, quesadillas and zombie dust

346. February 4: A VP’s business card

347. February 5:  Cynthia Carolina Baker

348. February 6: A DSB tattoo

349. February 7: A rap about reading articles

350. February 8: David Coligado and a maple bacon donut, chemistry, Erin Smith, Lisa Mazzocco, Hillary Cavan, Mike Thompson

351. February 9: 

352: February 10:

353. February 11:

354. February 12:

355. February 13:

356. February 14: 357. February 15: 358. February 16: 359. February 17: 360. February 18: 361. February 19: 362. February 20: 363. February 21: 364. February 22: 365. February 23: 366. February 24: 367. February 25: 368. February 26: 369. February 27:

** I realize I had an epic fail on finishing this project, but the year was incredible. There was a whole lotta love. I mean, like a crazy amount of it. And I’m in it and we’re going with it. #lifelove <—- what are YOU doing to get it? Do it now, do it now, do it now!

The Smile Project: Days 241-270

241. October 23: Hugs from Chris G, a video about ice cream

242. October 24: DiCellos to Italy, Allison English, spreading love

243. October 25: Officer Berey Greeting Card Blitz, 50 Sandwich Project, Au Cheval, Holiday Bar, Fried Pickles

244. October 26: SISTER, BHLDN, Frontera, Dave, The Professor, Katy Kelnhofer, curls

245. October 27: Julia Nels and Kathy Krummen, manis and smoothies, Dan Shaw

246. October 28: Bikram yoga, Alicia DiCello-soon-to-be-Shaw

247. October 29: Gideon Akande and his Breakfast of Champions

248. October 30: Making plans

249. October 31: Good hangs with good people and quality hugs from the best people I know.

250. November 1: Anthony’s, Jen, Mark, Mark, Michelle, The Professor 

251. November 2: Paris Club, Katy and Daniel, 5 Hour Energy, Elevator at the 30th floor

252. November 3: Katy, Katie, Kristen, Lauren, Kristen, Liz #babycooper, Lisa, yoga with Lizzi, Debbie’s egg salad, the professor, Mary, Dave, red meat, Chloe boots, Gilt Bar

253. November 4: Recipe obsession from Oh She Glows

254. November 5: Angie Bezdek, Allison English, Mike Thomson, Becca Powelson

255. November 6: Jessi, Barack, The Professor, Election night cameo on national TV

256. November 7: Shenna Engleman, bagel sandwich, mom and dad, “we’re family”

257. November 8: Dreams, 3 years, awesome misery, Scott Patrick, mom and dad, Becca Powelson.

258. November 9: Ana Forrest, Gwen, Lindsay Spoerl

259. November 10: Sick Day delivery from The Professor, 7:30pm bed time

260. November 11: FaceTime with sister and Jackie

261. November 12: Greeting cards, Lake Michigan, Fast & Fit, old man sweater, his friends, fat turkey on a post card, Hadley Lewno

262. November 13: Kimberly Luce and Sara Pittman. Katy Kelnhofer and the WF paging system

263. November 14: #shennaginashow

264. November 15: The Professor, an egg sandwich, the red line rapper, John Marshall law school, yoga, Fimo Clay, #MatStanley, Jenny Holzer Truisms, D, mustaches, The Professor again, and just, everything.

265. November 16: 7:00 am. 

266. November 17: Running, yoga’ing, photographing, Melissa Flood, David Coligado, Notre Dame, a marching band, a monkey hat

267. November 18: Good talks, ‘naked’ run, Michigan Avenue

268. November 19: Allison English, Julie Valenti, Liz Berey

269. November 20: Nick DiCello

270. November 21: Morning meeting and mom’s timely hello

The Smile Project: Days 1-30.

1. February 27: My friend Liz Berey suggested I write down one thing a day that makes me smile for the next 365 days.

2. February 28: Used coconut oil to cook with for the first time. Interesting and yummy! I made this.

3. February 29: Mastered 4 double-unders in a row with the jumprope for the first time :)

4. March 1: Saw Laura Sanchez from RW coaching at Vino and Vinyasa… totally unexpected. She knew it was me because of my laugh :)

5. March 2: Oysters and Champagne for my birthday at Gibson’s

6. March 3: Face Timed with mom, dad and nick in the morning while drinking coffee from Mellow Johnny’s mug and texting with Bart.

7. March 4: Showed a friend a picture of my cake from last night. It said, “Happy Birthday Gina. To many more years of good morning poos.” ha!

8. March 5: Ayani got promoted and I am really excited to keep working with her, creating awesomeness at Rush st. lululemon.

9. March 6: Text from a friend: “Would you make fun of me if I went tanning before Friday?” Yes. Yes I would :)

10. March 7: Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds. 

11. March 8: Introduced 3 friends to Shakey Face. Need I say more? I’ve been laughing for three hours.

12. March 9: Smiled in a group hug with Sara and Taylor realizing we’re a couple lucky bitches, getting to work together. #joblove

13. March 10: Thought I had to work, didn’t. Got to take off the boot and swim. Went 2 miles with my new under water headphones. Giggled over sushi with Lauren, Katy, Mary, Julie and Dave. Epic day of smiling.

14. March 11: Afternoon meeting.

15. March 12: FaceTimed in a giant group with the GG’s and my mom, dad and Nick. 

16. March 13: I got my chipped tooth and life-long gap fixed!

17. March 14: Jessi’s pie made national news

18. March 15: 
Lindsey: I’m in awe of people who can spell
Me: I’m in awe of people who can’t.
Cue giggle fit.

19. March 16:  Bye bye boot and on to physical therapy

20. March 17: Julia ran with Dave and I got to introduce Julia and Dean to Mary and Dave. Worlds colliding, my favorite. 

21. March 18: Emotion-filled good-hearted savasana cry. #beinghuman #beautiful

22. March 19: Support from real friends who challenged me to live above the line when circumstances could have inspired me to be otherwise. #lifelove

23. March 20: Basked in Julie’s post-landmark bliss 

24. March 21: Caught booty-shakin with Ayani by the maintenance man.

25. March 22: How to piss off a frog video 

26. March 23: Giggled over the audacity and hilariousness of an email with a pair of fresh eyes. 

27. March 24: E-cups and Dairy Queen Cake

28. March 25: Visitors and a lunch buddy and a great day at work

29. March 26: 15 minute GG with Jessi at OFA office

30. March 27: Liz Berey and Pinkberry