Mileage Log: March 24-30, 2014

Rough week but made it through. Closer, stronger, together.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 5 miles, with 3 at 7:01, 6:56, 6:53

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: Run 2 miles, strength and stability exercises 15:00

Saturday: Run 8 miles, 4 @ 7:40/mile

Sunday: off

Total: 15 Miles
March Total: 108 Miles
Winter 2014 total: 480 Miles

I feel all giddy inside, childlike. I love running because running is great. So is fall. In Chicago. That is all.

I feel all giddy inside, childlike. I love running because running is great. So is fall. In Chicago. That is all.

The Smile Project: Days 241-270

241. October 23: Hugs from Chris G, a video about ice cream

242. October 24: DiCellos to Italy, Allison English, spreading love

243. October 25: Officer Berey Greeting Card Blitz, 50 Sandwich Project, Au Cheval, Holiday Bar, Fried Pickles

244. October 26: SISTER, BHLDN, Frontera, Dave, The Professor, Katy Kelnhofer, curls

245. October 27: Julia Nels and Kathy Krummen, manis and smoothies, Dan Shaw

246. October 28: Bikram yoga, Alicia DiCello-soon-to-be-Shaw

247. October 29: Gideon Akande and his Breakfast of Champions

248. October 30: Making plans

249. October 31: Good hangs with good people and quality hugs from the best people I know.

250. November 1: Anthony’s, Jen, Mark, Mark, Michelle, The Professor 

251. November 2: Paris Club, Katy and Daniel, 5 Hour Energy, Elevator at the 30th floor

252. November 3: Katy, Katie, Kristen, Lauren, Kristen, Liz #babycooper, Lisa, yoga with Lizzi, Debbie’s egg salad, the professor, Mary, Dave, red meat, Chloe boots, Gilt Bar

253. November 4: Recipe obsession from Oh She Glows

254. November 5: Angie Bezdek, Allison English, Mike Thomson, Becca Powelson

255. November 6: Jessi, Barack, The Professor, Election night cameo on national TV

256. November 7: Shenna Engleman, bagel sandwich, mom and dad, “we’re family”

257. November 8: Dreams, 3 years, awesome misery, Scott Patrick, mom and dad, Becca Powelson.

258. November 9: Ana Forrest, Gwen, Lindsay Spoerl

259. November 10: Sick Day delivery from The Professor, 7:30pm bed time

260. November 11: FaceTime with sister and Jackie

261. November 12: Greeting cards, Lake Michigan, Fast & Fit, old man sweater, his friends, fat turkey on a post card, Hadley Lewno

262. November 13: Kimberly Luce and Sara Pittman. Katy Kelnhofer and the WF paging system

263. November 14: #shennaginashow

264. November 15: The Professor, an egg sandwich, the red line rapper, John Marshall law school, yoga, Fimo Clay, #MatStanley, Jenny Holzer Truisms, D, mustaches, The Professor again, and just, everything.

265. November 16: 7:00 am. 

266. November 17: Running, yoga’ing, photographing, Melissa Flood, David Coligado, Notre Dame, a marching band, a monkey hat

267. November 18: Good talks, ‘naked’ run, Michigan Avenue

268. November 19: Allison English, Julie Valenti, Liz Berey

269. November 20: Nick DiCello

270. November 21: Morning meeting and mom’s timely hello

Mileage Log: October 8-14, 2012

Day by day. Mile by mile. Step by step. #18


  • Tempo Run, 8 miles
    2 miles WU
    7:06, 7:06, 7:02, 7:06
    2 miles CD


  • Vinyasa Yoga @ CorePower, 1:00:00
  • Recovery run, 4 miles @ 8:30/mile


  • Speedwork, 6 miles
    1 mile WU
    8x800- all at 3:00-3:07, last one at 3:00
    1 mile CD


  • Easy run, 5 miles @ 8:30/mile




  • Last Long Run, 10 miles


Total: 33 Miles

The Smile Project: Days 151-180

151. July 26: Juices, Lindsay Spoerl, Anchovies and Avec.

152. July 27: Walk n’ Talk, Jessi Langsen. Julie Valenti. Booty.

153. July 28: All things run club. 9 hour “brunch”. Liz Berey’s Dad.

154. July 29: Creepy friends, Dan Brownsher surprise

155. July 30: Cruise control, teammates. All of them. Mom & Dad.

156. July 31: Menu hoarding, the breakfast vegan

157. August 1: #werunchitown, Hillary, Michigan/Chestnut @ 7:30am. A suit and the guy on TV.

158. August 2: a speed dating temper tantrum

159. August 3: Safety Meetings, dancing, thinking I could possibly enjoy camping

160. August 4: Eyelashes, love chakra, bear spray, vegan cake. Love.

161. August 5: 34 years, car ride naps, dancing with Asiha.

162. August 6: Taking a bath. A one hour bath.

163. August 7: Usain Bolt, track and field, Laundry

164. August 8: Charity cab rides, am track practice, LAURA KLAUBERG, goals, Julie Valenti, Lauren Wechsler

165. August 9: the Olympics.

166. August 10: IPA, Pig Ears, the Professor

167. August 11: Little Kristen, girls #theperfect10

168. August 12: McDonald’s, Keratin, Freshii, Friends

169. August 13: Yoga by Allison, photos and friends, Karyn Pollenz

170. August 14: Black Bessie and Jodi, Liz and Julie, Pretty on the Roof

171. August 15: 5:15am track workouts

172. August 16: Alinea, Big Star, Avec, Gilt Bar, Ayani, Jonny, the Professor

173. August 17: Katy’s mom

174. August 18: Karyn + Surprises + best friends + center of the universe

175. August 19: 3 hours in the kitchen

176. August 20: Quartino, memories, tears & hugs

177. August 21: Lizzi, Freshii, Karyn, green beans

178. August 22: 800’s and Lisa

179. August 23: Michigan Ave walks and forgetting things

180. August 24: Karyn’s Raw, Kelli Zink, Perfect 10 Pizza

Mileage Log: August 6-12, 2012

Beyond inspired by the Olympics this week. I cannot tear myself away from the TV! Thinking about five people and a dinner table. Wants pumpkin pie for dessert.


  • Tempo Run, 8 miles
    2 mile warmup
    4 miles tempo (7:19, 7:13, 7:03, 7:03)
    2 mile cool down
  • Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00


  •  4.5 mile recovery run
  • Speedwork, 7 miles
    2 mile warm up
    1x1600 @ 6:41
    1x1600 @ 6:43
    1x1600 @ 7:01
    1x1600 @ 7:05
    1 mile cool down 


  • 5 mile easy cadence run @ 170-180 bpm


  • Bikram Yoga 1:30:00


  • Long run, 16 miles @ 8:00/mile on the dot!
    (3 miles pick up @ 7:30/mile)
Total: 41 Miles
3 hours, yoga

The Smile Project: Days 121-150

121. June 26: BART YASSO

122. June 27: BART YASSO

123. June 28: BART YASSO

124. June 29: Liz, Dave, Steve. “Don’t get too drunk and freak out”

125. June 30: Running, strawberry popsicles, 7lbs of cherries, Michelle & Soraya

126. July 1: Lauren Wechsler, saltines, the GG’s, a patio and pasta

127. July 2: Tempo run, Katie Turner, Crossfit Hot Box Mile record!

128. July 3: Lisa, 400s, 800s, being badass.

129. July 4: Festive outfit, lemon blueberry cupcakes

130. July 5: “Peanut Butter and Jelly” Oatmeal, work, Becca/salmon/quinoa, Dirty Paws/Little Talks/Love, Love, Love

131. July 6: BFFriday, heatwave, melted bike, puerto rican water park

132. July 7: everything.

133. July 8: Sitting on the stoop with Katy

134. July 9: Tempo run, holy omg awesome.

135. July 10: A 1 gallon water jug from March ‘2003’

136. July 11: Laura Klauberg

137. July 12: Lizzi Edwards and her yoga adjustments

138. July 13: Hadley. 

139. July 14: Running in the rain, good chats on a hike, (re)kindled friendships, Annakate, dancing, laughing, laughing some more.

140. July 15: Photographs

141. July 16: Becca Powelson, R. Kelly Sing-a-long

142. July 17: Practical jokes, Trader Joe’s grocery drop-off

143. July 18: Feedback Forum for Runners

144. July 19: Family, old and new

145. July 20: Trirades, Chicken Calendar, German Birthday Cake

146. July 21: Mud puddles, run lessons, my mom

147. July 22: KK, LB, JW, DR

148. July 23: Liz Berey, The Mondays, getting real and dirty.

149. July 24: “She’s my friend in real life.” 

150. July 25: 5 am runs, Hillary, Be-boppin’

The Smile Project: Days 31-60

31. March 28: Sister got a big promotion at work and is moving back to Seattle!

32. March 29: Chocolate Malted Bread Pudding at Telegraph

33. March 30: I CAN RUN AGAIN!

34. March 31: Health Insurance

35. April 1: Run lululemon: Chicago has 169 likes and we haven’t even started yet #goosebumps.

36. April 2: I’m always pleasantly surprised when I call home and my 14 year old brother answers the phone. I guess I just expect my parents to but when he does and I hear his voice on the other end, I just know that my face lights up. I LOVE him.

37. April 3: 21 people

38. April 4: Yoga sculpt. (FYI this never makes me smile, today… it did)

39. April 5: Got territorial over my PT, kind of obsessed with her!!

40. April 6: “Christmas Eve”

41. April 7: The quiet of Rush St. in the early hours of Saturday morning before all the runners arrived for the first long run of the season. #thisiswhatilivefor

42. April 8: Easter pants, impromptu dinner guest, fresca, presents, random bouts of dance, visitors at work, laughing about some of said visitors, nicknames, meatings… and lack thereof.

43. April 9: The Gina & Shenna Show, Apres Recovery, Bon Iver

44. April 10: Runner’s glow and ninja kicks

45. April 11: #thatawkwardmomentwhen

46. April 12: Whole Foods, Mary & Dave, Angie & Mike, possibility, coaches, coaching, gelato

47. April 13: yogi friends

48. April 14: K&S, MC, MC, AB, Bone Marrow, Maudes, Old Town Social, Dave’s giant hugs

49. April 15: twelve foot spoons, BINGO arm, New Muffalo, Twitta.

50. April 16: Boston Marathon webcast online, reading my recap from a year ago, getting chills thinking about the work that’s paid off, the rotten heart

51. April 17: Taking on personal development, head first heart open

52. April 18: First Time Digs Re: Jessi, Beat Kitchen, quick smile-filled chat on the phone, making plans, integrity

53. April 19: #joblove, pub crawl, BEST FRIENDS

54. April 20: Instagram and photos of tulips all over this city!

55. April 21: Laura Mercier, RL, NoMi, Namaste

56. April 22: Usher “You Got it Bad” impromptu karaoke

57. April 23: Beauty Detox Solution cooking day

58. April 24: Angus Dunn and Erin Smith

59. April 25: Chase Bank customer service, Bart Yasso in the mail

60. April 26: Hillary, non-stick baking pans, margaritas, the Daily Tank, Liz Berey (<- always comes back to Liz Berey) :)

I must admit…

I’m feeling all poetic and nostalgic. It’s lovely and it’s lonely. It’s happy mixed with just enough dissatisfaction to keep the embers burning and the wheels churning. I finished a book last night that I should have read a long time ago. That said, I don’t know that this book and I were ready for each other at any other point in either of our lives until just recently. 

I didn’t run for 40 days. The details inconsequential, a minor injury sidelined me both physically and mentally and left me grasping for parts of my identity I didn’t know could slip away. In grasping, I found a book that had been collecting dust on my shelf, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. Two hundred eighty seven pages about the art of, love for and soul bearing beauty of running.

And in my own rebuilding I fell in love, again

Tomorrow I start my second season under the title of “coach”. I am honored, excited, nervous, anxious… all of those feelings that go along with my love for projects that I want to succeed. I never knew really, what my coaching philosophy was and I figured I would develop it over time. I know my own philosophy as a runner (have fun first, kick ass second) but as a coach, I felt/feel goosebumps when I read this excerpt from “Born to Run”:

I don’t want anyone to do anything except come run, party, dance, eat, and hang with us. Running isn’t about making people buy stuff. Running should be free, man. - Micah True

And how fitting that I attach myself so deeply to the words from this book that the man (Micah True) who inspired its words passed away last Saturday as he set out for a run, never to return. I kind of feel in a weird way that I owe it to this person to never forget that we, ALL of us, were born to run.


Mileage Log: January 2-8, 2012

First week of 2012. Unseasonably warm, unseasonably. Head over heels in love with running on the Chicago lakefront with friends, without a watch and with little plan.

Anxiety level on a scale of 1-10 at this time last year: 12.
Anxiety level on a scale of 1-10 this year: 2.


  • HPF @ CPY, 1:00:00


  • 6 miles, hill repeats (1:00 at 10% incline, 1:00 recovery) x10. 0:48:00
  • Bikram yoga, 1:30:00


  • Flywheel, 0:45:00


  • Yoga at Exhale, 1:00:00
  • Run 9 miles, insert 6x400, 400 recovery 


  • Run 6 miles easy, no watch, no music:)
  • CP2 at CPY, 1:00:00


  • HPF @ CPY 1:00:00 


  • Run 12 miles at 7:45/mile

Total: 33 miles
5.5 Hours, Yoga