The Smile Project: Days 241-270

241. October 23: Hugs from Chris G, a video about ice cream

242. October 24: DiCellos to Italy, Allison English, spreading love

243. October 25: Officer Berey Greeting Card Blitz, 50 Sandwich Project, Au Cheval, Holiday Bar, Fried Pickles

244. October 26: SISTER, BHLDN, Frontera, Dave, The Professor, Katy Kelnhofer, curls

245. October 27: Julia Nels and Kathy Krummen, manis and smoothies, Dan Shaw

246. October 28: Bikram yoga, Alicia DiCello-soon-to-be-Shaw

247. October 29: Gideon Akande and his Breakfast of Champions

248. October 30: Making plans

249. October 31: Good hangs with good people and quality hugs from the best people I know.

250. November 1: Anthony’s, Jen, Mark, Mark, Michelle, The Professor 

251. November 2: Paris Club, Katy and Daniel, 5 Hour Energy, Elevator at the 30th floor

252. November 3: Katy, Katie, Kristen, Lauren, Kristen, Liz #babycooper, Lisa, yoga with Lizzi, Debbie’s egg salad, the professor, Mary, Dave, red meat, Chloe boots, Gilt Bar

253. November 4: Recipe obsession from Oh She Glows

254. November 5: Angie Bezdek, Allison English, Mike Thomson, Becca Powelson

255. November 6: Jessi, Barack, The Professor, Election night cameo on national TV

256. November 7: Shenna Engleman, bagel sandwich, mom and dad, “we’re family”

257. November 8: Dreams, 3 years, awesome misery, Scott Patrick, mom and dad, Becca Powelson.

258. November 9: Ana Forrest, Gwen, Lindsay Spoerl

259. November 10: Sick Day delivery from The Professor, 7:30pm bed time

260. November 11: FaceTime with sister and Jackie

261. November 12: Greeting cards, Lake Michigan, Fast & Fit, old man sweater, his friends, fat turkey on a post card, Hadley Lewno

262. November 13: Kimberly Luce and Sara Pittman. Katy Kelnhofer and the WF paging system

263. November 14: #shennaginashow

264. November 15: The Professor, an egg sandwich, the red line rapper, John Marshall law school, yoga, Fimo Clay, #MatStanley, Jenny Holzer Truisms, D, mustaches, The Professor again, and just, everything.

265. November 16: 7:00 am. 

266. November 17: Running, yoga’ing, photographing, Melissa Flood, David Coligado, Notre Dame, a marching band, a monkey hat

267. November 18: Good talks, ‘naked’ run, Michigan Avenue

268. November 19: Allison English, Julie Valenti, Liz Berey

269. November 20: Nick DiCello

270. November 21: Morning meeting and mom’s timely hello

Anonymous said: Non-running question! Since your tumblr is chock full of the stuff that fuels you (and that happens to include food, cooking, giggles, quotes, and snippets of inspiration), I could use a snippet of inspiration about food and cooking. Specifically with chia seeds. How do you use them and what do you add them to? Any advice or favorite (simple) recipes to use and incorporate them?

Oh my have I been behind on my blogging, but specifically my adventures in food! Don’t worry, it’s still a constant science experiment over here. Figuring what foods make me feel good and run fast. 

Chia seeds have definitely made a regular appearance on my menus and since I’ve been too busy (—> work, training, making sure my head doesn’t fall off) to stage some photos of what I have made, I will share links from some talented people who took care of that for me!

My favorites come from Oh She Glows, who I didn’t start following until earlier this year.  Talk about being late to the party. #imslow. It seems this girl has not only re-defined being vegan (which I am not) but she’s an incredible photographer and recipe-developer. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to make/eat this:

Source: via Gina on Pinterest

Another really simple recipe (that I just made because I was craving chocolate and too lazy to leave the house) comes from a book I recently read called The Beauty Detox Solution. It takes two minutes to make but about 15 minutes to set. Re: awesome lesson in patience.

(clearly the person who made this was not patient enough to wait for their chia to thicken because this is not what it should look like):

Source: via Gina on Pinterest

Lastly, I’m a fan of the edible perspective’s Cereal Sauce. These are basically just smoothies or protein shakes poured over about 1/4 cup of chia seeds.  It’s genius! I’ve started doing this with the leftovers from the blender that didn’t quite make it into my smoothie mug for that day. Use less liquid and pudding will be thicker, more liquid and it will be thinner. I don’t really use exact measurements so just go with what feels right!

Source: via Gina on Pinterest

Does this help you? Let me know what recipes you try or creations you come up with! Happy Chia’ing :)

Whole Foods Salad Bar Recipe Swipe

My friends and I have been joking that we treat the Whole Foods salad bar like going “home for dinner”.  The only difference though, when I go home for dinner it’s free. At Whole Paycheck Foods it’s most certainly not free. Hence my inspiration to re-create one of my favorite items from the salad bar after a $14.00 salad on Monday night.

I am a frequent lover of the Detox Salad and after a quick peek at the ingredient list, I knew I could make it at home. But then, out of sight out of mind…

Until last night when I was browsing my blogroll looking for ideas totally unrelated to the Detox Salad, and saw that Angela re-created it herself! Her creation is probably more like the original but it was 9pm and I wasn’t about to head to the store. So, using ingredients I already had in my fridge, I adapted the recipe from this to this:

Detox Salad 
Inspired by Oh She Glows, inspired by Whole Foods

*Don’t be discouraged by this measly looking ingredient list. With the texture of the raw veg from the food processor and everything all married together, it rocks. 

1 bag of broccoli florets
3 large carrots
3 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 cup sliced almonds
3/4 cup raisins
juice from 1 lemon
cayenne pepper to taste 

Finely chop the broccoli in a food processor. Empty into large mixing bowl. Then process the carrots and empty into a bowl. Mix everything else together. The longer this sits, the more flavorful it becomes. 

I served it over half a can of chick peas and some cooked quinoa. 

Take that, Whole Foods!