The Smile Project: Days 61-90

61. April 27: BFFridays, summer anticipation, 7:50/8 miler, Brooks PureConnect 2

62. April 28: VegaOne Chocolate, Bradley Chadwick

63. April 29: Sunday visitor parade, Gandhi quotes, Core Restore, 30 Day Yoga Challenge/Bucket List Check-Off.. FTW!!!

64. April 30: #wewin, Girls on HBO, smile-filled telephone chat

65. May 1: Rain

66. May 2: 400m track, Julie Valenti, Liz Berey, Tavernita

67. May 3: Tim Tam, Guacamole, DC, Pinkberry, Patio, Ali Alley, Run Club, turning 60

68. May 4: BFFridays, Big Star, Margarita x2, Native, JV and Lizzie B, Michelle, Bijoux, Tartare, Papardelle, Sisters, Vodka, 419C, MC, Denim Lounge, Fava Beans, RNCF, 800’s, 2:59:59, Meg Frazier, SkinnyFit, pull ups, Bart Yasso, #epicsmileday

69. May 5: Ayani and her birthday and and Escondido on my lap

70. May 6: Soraya Freeman and Lauren Wechsler. Dave’s 3:12 marathon. Katie and Jason’s baby Emma.

71. May 7: Meg Frazier. Driving around the city with the Monday’s like we are teenagers getting away from our parents. Chia Seeds and Raw cacao

72. May 8: Debra Kosek

73. May 9: Change of scenery, new adventures

74. May 10: Familiar faces, discovered some cool new blogs

75. May 11: Katy, Pinkberry, 4 things, slow morning, coffee

76. May 12: 13.5 miles, back to basics, pouring rain, Julie Valenti, Cafe Sushi, laughing my face off.

77. May 13: Jessi, Balsan, Sugar Ray and Justin Bieber, Outer Space, Girls

78. May 14: A motorcycle named Ruby, Lake Michigan, 8 mile run, Shenna Jean surprise, Fat Labs, Biking in the city, yoga mat strapped to my back, giggling into the sunset, Native Foods.

79. May 15: Tempo Running, 80 degrees, Ray Bans, hash-tagging in texts, serendipitous street side run-in’s

80. May 16: “You Are Beautiful” sign at the track, passing boys, nautical stripes

81. May 17: 800’s, French things, More cupcakes

82. May 18: Post 10 miler, mint chocolate, pedicures and be boppin, KK

83. May 19: 8am wake up, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

84. May 20: Jenny Holzer: Truisms

85. May 21: Just like Jessi said, “down-to-my-bones-happy.” Re: The GG’s.

86. May 22: Outdoor WOD’ing, Instagram

87. May 23: Mom, text messages, little neighborhood/big city, Rihanna, American Idol

88. May 24: Crucial conversations, white pants, Logan Square, Liz Berey

89. May 25: VidRhythm

90. May 26: Soldier Field, weather, Liz Berey (again! back to Liz Berey!!)