I feel all giddy inside, childlike. I love running because running is great. So is fall. In Chicago. That is all.

I feel all giddy inside, childlike. I love running because running is great. So is fall. In Chicago. That is all.

The Smile Project: Days 331-365

331. January 20: Nick DiCello and his 15 years of life

332. January 21: Oven Fried Chicken, Williams Sonoma, good wine, the professor, the President, Michelle’s hair.

333. January 22: Shenna, Melissa, lululemon community. A Kristie Hawkins spin class

334. January 23: Emily Greenaway, Ayani Herrera, Lindsay Spoerl, Debra Kosek and some SkinnyFit

335. January 24: Jessi, the professor and vinegar

336. January 25: Ladies of the gold coast, new starbucks, the professor, midday yoga with julie, date night with Becca

337. January 26: FaceTime

338. January 27: Woody Allen, It-lee, Zombie Dust cocktail

339. January 28: “Honor thy butt”, Callie Munson, Abandoned CSA

340. January 29: Kristie Hawkins, Liz Berey and a filtered water fascination

341. January 30: AMRAP at SkinnyFit

342. January 31: Lauren’s “No Pants” delivery policy

343. February 1: Dehydrating everything, Rick Bayless

344. February 2: Bour-BON, Bull-EIT, “You get out of here!” 

345. February 3: Violent commercials, Beyonce, quesadillas and zombie dust

346. February 4: A VP’s business card

347. February 5:  Cynthia Carolina Baker

348. February 6: A DSB tattoo

349. February 7: A rap about reading articles

350. February 8: David Coligado and a maple bacon donut, chemistry, Erin Smith, Lisa Mazzocco, Hillary Cavan, Mike Thompson

351. February 9: 

352: February 10:

353. February 11:

354. February 12:

355. February 13:

356. February 14: 357. February 15: 358. February 16: 359. February 17: 360. February 18: 361. February 19: 362. February 20: 363. February 21: 364. February 22: 365. February 23: 366. February 24: 367. February 25: 368. February 26: 369. February 27:

** I realize I had an epic fail on finishing this project, but the year was incredible. There was a whole lotta love. I mean, like a crazy amount of it. And I’m in it and we’re going with it. #lifelove <—- what are YOU doing to get it? Do it now, do it now, do it now!

Are these the rules at your work too?

Are these the rules at your work too?

There is a whole lotta #lifelove #joblove #grateful #friends crammed into this photo.

There is a whole lotta #lifelove #joblove #grateful #friends crammed into this photo.

The Smile Project: Days 31-60

31. March 28: Sister got a big promotion at work and is moving back to Seattle!

32. March 29: Chocolate Malted Bread Pudding at Telegraph

33. March 30: I CAN RUN AGAIN!

34. March 31: Health Insurance

35. April 1: Run lululemon: Chicago has 169 likes and we haven’t even started yet #goosebumps.

36. April 2: I’m always pleasantly surprised when I call home and my 14 year old brother answers the phone. I guess I just expect my parents to but when he does and I hear his voice on the other end, I just know that my face lights up. I LOVE him.

37. April 3: 21 people

38. April 4: Yoga sculpt. (FYI this never makes me smile, today… it did)

39. April 5: Got territorial over my PT, kind of obsessed with her!!

40. April 6: “Christmas Eve”

41. April 7: The quiet of Rush St. in the early hours of Saturday morning before all the runners arrived for the first long run of the season. #thisiswhatilivefor

42. April 8: Easter pants, impromptu dinner guest, fresca, presents, random bouts of dance, visitors at work, laughing about some of said visitors, nicknames, meatings… and lack thereof.

43. April 9: The Gina & Shenna Show, Apres Recovery, Bon Iver

44. April 10: Runner’s glow and ninja kicks

45. April 11: #thatawkwardmomentwhen

46. April 12: Whole Foods, Mary & Dave, Angie & Mike, possibility, coaches, coaching, gelato

47. April 13: yogi friends

48. April 14: K&S, MC, MC, AB, Bone Marrow, Maudes, Old Town Social, Dave’s giant hugs

49. April 15: twelve foot spoons, BINGO arm, New Muffalo, Twitta.

50. April 16: Boston Marathon webcast online, reading my recap from a year ago, getting chills thinking about the work that’s paid off, the rotten heart

51. April 17: Taking on personal development, head first heart open

52. April 18: First Time Digs Re: Jessi, Beat Kitchen, quick smile-filled chat on the phone, making plans, integrity

53. April 19: #joblove, pub crawl, BEST FRIENDS

54. April 20: Instagram and photos of tulips all over this city!

55. April 21: Laura Mercier, RL, NoMi, Namaste

56. April 22: Usher “You Got it Bad” impromptu karaoke

57. April 23: Beauty Detox Solution cooking day

58. April 24: Angus Dunn and Erin Smith

59. April 25: Chase Bank customer service, Bart Yasso in the mail

60. April 26: Hillary, non-stick baking pans, margaritas, the Daily Tank, Liz Berey (<- always comes back to Liz Berey) :)