Two Week Mileage Log, January 5-19, 2014

Yoga. Run. Yoga. Run. Repeat. I can’t get enough! Another thing I can’t get enough of? Running outside this winter. Feels like I’m bundling up to go skiing and that brings back amazing memories and feelings. Bring it, Chicago!

Monday: OFF. Oh hello, -15 degrees, feels like -40, you were SO fun!!!!

Tuesday: 4x1200 at 6:58 pace, 5 miles total. Yoga, 1:00:00

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Friday: Run 4 miles, Circuit Workout @ Equinox 1:00:00

Saturday: Run 13 Miles @ 8:15/mile

Sunday: CP2 at CorePower Yoga, 1:15:00

Total: 22 Miles


Monday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Tuesday: 7 miles at 7:30/mile

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6x800 on treadmill: 320, 318, 315, 313, 315, 311. 6 miles total

Friday: Bikram Yoga 1:30:00

Saturday: 13 miles at 7:51 pace in.the.blizzard.

Sunday: OFF

Total: 26 Miles

I feel all giddy inside, childlike. I love running because running is great. So is fall. In Chicago. That is all.

I feel all giddy inside, childlike. I love running because running is great. So is fall. In Chicago. That is all.

I had to. #boston #runlove #chicago

I had to. #boston #runlove #chicago

The Smile Project: Days 271-300

271. November 22: The Doctor’s Orders, Balsan, all things family

272. November 23: Alicia DiCello, Nick DiCello, the Professor

274. November 24: Liz Berey, Julie Valenti, Katie Turner, Katy Kelnhofer, Soraya Freeman, OMalley’s, Notre Dame, Liz Berey again, Alicia, “not impressed”

275. November 25: Shopping with Alicia and all things sister related

276. November 26: Whole Foods. It always comes back to WF.

277. November 27: Becky Perez, Mallory McCarthy, hugs & visitors

278. November 28: Melissa Flood, Balance

279: November 29: Mercadito, a bad mustache, Hockey Jason

280: November 30: Mike and Angie

281. December 1: Giggling on the floor, friends, holidays, Target.

282. December 2: The Repeating Moose

283. December 3: Hadley Lewno

284. December 4: Mega Stuffed Oreos

285. December 5: YouSwoop and emails with Hillary

286. December 6: Angie Bezdek, Frank Ocean, texting, the Professor

287. December 7: Becca Powelson, HoliDate, Bavette’s

288. December 8: A trip to Florida + The Professor, emails with Dan Shaw

289. December 9: Intensely yoga high, Soraya Freeman, Allison English

290. December 10: The Monday’s, Nashville-Bound!

291. December 11: Working on wedding speeches with Dad

292. December 12: Lisa Mazzocco, Hadley Eblen, city driving, McDonald’s

293. December 13: Vino & Vinyasa, Shenna, Linds, Haley, pow wow with beers, Lux Bar and Salads

294. December 14: Barb Cockroft, Katy Kelnhofer and a surprise bday project

295: December 15: A 5K 2nd place at 20:55, HoliDate, Wine, movies, Bradley Cooper, Balsan, Cheese Plate

296: December 16: Chicken Soup, OSG Pumpkin Pie Brownies

297: December 17: Allison Jones and a very special GG

298: December 18: Cooking and Oh She Glows website. Obsessed.

299: December 19: Lululemon Rush and Walton HoliDate, Andersonville, Glogg, Pimento Cheese Sandwich, The Professor

300: December 20: 4th Presbyterian, Andrew Bird, sparkly skirt, cool poster, homemade cheese plate, The Professor


The day after the election, the President made a surprise visit to campaign HQ in Chicago to thank staff and volunteers. Here’s what he said.

Love my friend Jessi. That is all.

The Smile Project: Days 211-240

211. September 23: Bart Yasso

212. September 24: Coffee with Bart, Twitter, CM12 business

213. September 25: iPhone 5. Yeah.

214. September 26: Clique. Allison English. Hillary Cavan, Shenna Engleman.

215. September 27: Blogging for lululemon, Lizzi Edwards. Thursday rituals, Chase Auditorium and Carl Kassell

216. September 28: MDW-FLL, Officer Berey and Lisa, 6 girls + 1 handle of vodka. Swimming in the intercoAstal. 

217. September 29: Officer Berey and Lisa, 16 miles + Soraya. Nicknames. Bootcamp. Boat. Diesel coffee.

218. September 30: Getting caught in the pantry, pedis + whole foods. Professor pickup and a story about a nun.

219. October 1: Pumpkin spice latte. Monday rituals. Hugs with Becca, KP, KK and Liz. 

220. October 2: Fact: R.Kelly now owns one of my running medals. 

221. October 3: Jason Shaver & the morning track crew. The Professor. Shenna Engleman.

222. October 4: Watching the container arrive at North Ave. Beach

223. October 5: The container, the professor, the milkshake

224. October 6: A speech about Greatness, Drew Jones and Annie Jones, a trip to Tuscany

225. October 7: The Chicago Marathon. Lululemon.  Stacy Greanias. A love note and a kiss.

226. October 8: Sleep. Fall ingredients.

227. October 9: The New Tuesday, Liz Berey, Facebook

228. October 10: Lines of vision, final track practice of the season, overcoming fear

229. October 11: Ayani Hererra

230. October 12: Debra Kosek, BFFriday, Chocolate chili

231. October 13: Winter running, a bagel sandwich, 9.79*

232. October 14: “Hipster Changes a Flat”

233. October 15: DEVELOPMENT. Listening. Corker Commandments.

234. October 16: Liz Berey, Christen Terry, Hillary Cavan, Becky Perez

235. October 17: Morning meeting laugh session

236. October 18: All things pumpkin + the professor

237. October 19: Golden sh*t, a smile-filled 3 hour car ride in the rain, a less nightmarish version of Meet the Parents, the amish and chocolate chip cookies

238. October 20: ‘Good Morning’ - Kanye West, David Colidago, Hugh Mundy, Lisa Mazzocco, Laszlo Korsos, Jason Hageman, Anita DiCello, Jim DiCello. The finish line, orange trees, motivational thoughts, my sister’s wedding, marathon #18.

239. October 21: Lynne, Eric and Jackson Fox, a guy who drinks vinegar, 

240. October 22: Tears, red roses and a #18 balloon.

AMEN. (Taken with Instagram)

AMEN. (Taken with Instagram)

Mileage Log: September 3-9, 2012

Easy week leading up to the Chicago Half Marathon. I haven’t run a half since May 2010! I knew that things were going to be different but I just didn’t know how different…


  • Easy run, 7 miles @ 7:55/mile
  • Fast & Fit Labor Day Bootcamp!


  • 5 mile run @ 8:20/mile


  • Speedwork, 4 miles
    1 mile warm up
    4x800 (all at 3:09)
    1 mile cool down 
  • Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00


  • Run 6 miles easy




  • 3 mile shakeout run


  • 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon. Result.

Total: 39 miles
6 Weeks to go! 

Run with me this summer, Chicago!

Do you:

1. Want to have fun?
2. Stay, get or be healthy?
3. Kick some ass (even if it’s your own)?

Yes? Ok, great!

I am so excited to announce that in two weeks I (along with two other amazing coaches. Follow their tweets here and here) will be launching a free comprehensive training group out of lululemon athletica Rush St.

Here are all of the juicy, goose bump-inducing details:

This group will properly train you for the following races: 

The group as a whole, will begin meeting on TUESDAY, APRIL 3 and end with the Chicago Marathon on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7. All runners of all levels are welcome, even if you’re not training for anything specifically - we just want you in on the fun!

Some dates to note:

  • 13.1 RnR Chicago is on July 22. Training begins on Tuesday May 1.
  • The SeaWheeze lululemon Half Marathon is on August 11. Training begins on Tuesday, May 22.
  • Chicago Half Marathon is on September 9. Training begins on Tuesday, June 19.
  • Chicago Marathon is on October 7. Training begins on Tuesday, June 5.

We meet the following days:
at 930 N. Rush St. unless otherwise noted

- Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. Runs are 3-6 miles

- Wednesday mornings 6am (optional) speed workout, meet at the 400m track located between Pearson and Chicago behind the Museum of Contemporary Art.

- Saturdays leaving promptly at 7:30 am – long run. Will range from 60 minutes to 20 miles.

Get in-the-know with everything and sign up here!

colorful outfits, high jumping photos and random bouts of laughing encouraged…

Contact me with questions:

Mileage Log: December 5-11, 2011

I am thoroughly loving this down time.  Sleeping in on Saturday, not wearing my Garmin, just getting in miles but not worrying about how fast or slow they are, drinking wine, celebrating the holidays and spending time with my bffs:)

Last week I fell in love again with running.  It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying it, but I seem to be loving it even more than usual if that’s even possible! The thing is though, I kept apologizing for it and saying things like, “I know this is weird but…” or, “this seems so silly to say…” Until a friend stopped me in my tracks and said, “Why are you putting yourself down like that? That’s not how a winner talks, you’re so much better than that.” He was right.  So in the spirit of Buddy the Elf, “I’M IN LOVE AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!” Let’s go for a chilly outdoor winter run!!


  • Off


  • Run 9 miles at 7:49/mile
  • CP2 at CorePower Yoga, 1:00:00


  • 6 miles, hill repeats and 400m repeats
  • Hard Body Meltdown & abs @ Equinox, 1:00:00
  • CP2 at CorePower Yoga, 1:00:00


  • Bikram, 1:30:00


  • Run 6 miles with my fellow Runner’s World coach, Janet
  • HPF @ CPY, 1:00:00


  • OFF


  • Run 10 miles @ 7:29/mile
  • Yoga @ Equinox, 1:30:00

Total: 31 Miles
6 Hours Yoga

Winter running is maybe my new favorite thing.