Two Week Mileage Log: March 3-16, 2014

Monday: Run 6 miles easy

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Run 10 Miles
8:34, 8:20, 8:13, 8:09, 8:00, 7:53, 7:41, 8:20, 7:40, 7:40

Thursday: off

Friday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Saturday: Roades City 10K in Louisville, KY (ran easy with friends!) 

Sunday: Run 3 miles easy

Total: 25 Miles


Monday: Run 15 miles @ 8:12/mile <— taking advantage of the Chicago weather when it hands us a break!

TuesdayCoreFusion Cardio @ Exhale, 1:00:00

Wednesday: Bikram Yoga 1:00:00

Thursday: Off

Friday: Run 6 miles @ 7:48/mile

Saturday: off

Sunday: Run 4 miles treadmill @ 8:00/mile

Total: 28 Miles

February 3-9, 2014

Feeling good and just 10 weeks to go which I crazy to think about. Still rocking long runs in sub zero temps. Here I come, April!

Monday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Tuesday: 5x1200 at 5:10, 5:07, 5:05, 5:04, 5:02. 6 miles total

Wednesday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Thursday: off

Friday: CorePower Yoga C2, 1:00:00. 5 mile run (3 @ 7:30)

Saturday: 15 miles at 8:15/mile

Sunday: OFF!!!

Total: 26 miles

Mileage Log: January 27 - February 2, 2014

Monday: Run 5 miles easy

Tuesday: 10x400 m @ 94, 93, 91, 91, 91, 91, 90, 89, 88, 88. (4 miles total)

Wednesday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Thursday: 5 Miles @ 7:38/mile, outside!

Friday: 14 miles outside @ 8:18/mile!


Sunday: off

Total: 28 miles
January Total: 109 miles

Two Week Mileage Log: December 2-15, 2013

You guys. I get a little behind on the mileage log and the whole thing goes to sh*t! You get a bonus, two weeks at once. How lucky, I hope I didn’t forget anything. Bottom line is, I’m feeling good! Things I am loving right now: Heather’s class at Bikram Yoga River North, Gideon’s class at Shred 415 and running outside no matter how cold or snowy!

Monday: off

Tuesday: Run 5 miles

Wednesday: Core Fusion Barre Advanced, 1:00:00

Thursday: 3 Miles (Shred, 415)

Friday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Saturday: Run 7 miles

Sunday: Yoga, 1:30:00 at Tula in Logan Square

Total: 15 miles

All I felt like doing was running…

Monday: Run 6 miles

Tuesday: Run 3.5 miles

Wednesday: Run 8 Miles

Thursday: Run 3.5 miles (Shred, 415)

Friday: off

Saturday: Run 7 miles

Sunday: off

Total: 28 Miles

Mileage Log: November 18-24, 2013

Officially started in my new role at my new store! #joblove #lifelove #lululemon. Workouts —> Cut back week in my base-building phase. 

Monday: Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00

Tuesdsay: 6 miles, no watch!

Wednesday: Bikram Yoga 1:30:00

Thursday: 6 mile treadmill run @ 8:30/mile; Yoga Sculpt @ CPY GC, 1:00:00.

Friday: Jivamukti Yoga at Yoga Now, 1:30:00

Saturday: off

Sunday: 4.5 mile run @ 7:50/mile

Total: 16.5 miles

Mileage Log: August 6-12, 2012

Beyond inspired by the Olympics this week. I cannot tear myself away from the TV! Thinking about five people and a dinner table. Wants pumpkin pie for dessert.


  • Tempo Run, 8 miles
    2 mile warmup
    4 miles tempo (7:19, 7:13, 7:03, 7:03)
    2 mile cool down
  • Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00


  •  4.5 mile recovery run
  • Speedwork, 7 miles
    2 mile warm up
    1x1600 @ 6:41
    1x1600 @ 6:43
    1x1600 @ 7:01
    1x1600 @ 7:05
    1 mile cool down 


  • 5 mile easy cadence run @ 170-180 bpm


  • Bikram Yoga 1:30:00


  • Long run, 16 miles @ 8:00/mile on the dot!
    (3 miles pick up @ 7:30/mile)
Total: 41 Miles
3 hours, yoga

Mileage Log: July 23-29, 2012

Solid week, good running, good people, bossed up.


  • Run 8 miles, 4 @ 7:20, 4 @ walk/run pace —> Ran at noon. 100 degrees. #worstideaever


  • Strength @ Equinox, 1:00:00
  • Run 5 miles (am), hill work @ 8:09/mile
  • Run 5 miles (pm), recovery @ 9:00/mile


  • Run 7 miles speed work:
    1.5 mile warm up
    2 miles, 7:04 and 7:03
    4 minute recovery
    2 miles, 7:01 and 6:55
    1.5 mile CD 
  • Bikram 1:30:00


  • Vinyasa @ CPY 1:00:00


  • Run 18 miles @ 8:10 pace(!!)



Total: 43 Miles

Mileage Log: August 29 - September 4

This was a sad, sad week of training, but if rest is what I have to do, so be it.


  • Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00


  • Off


  • Off


  • Swim 2500 yards or 1.42 miles


  • Swim 1650 yards or 1 mile


  • Swim 2300 yards (drills, intervals)


Total Miles: 0 (run), 6450 yards (swim)
9 Weeks until Savannah! 

Mileage Log: July 15-21, 2011

Adrenaline pump from Monday’s CrossFit experience carried me through the whole week.  


  • Bikram Yoga, 1:30:00
  • Crossfit Chicago, “Fight Gone Bad” 346#


  • Speed work: 7x800, cruise intervals.  All between 3:07-3:16.
  • 4 miles recovery


  • 9 miles, Steady State, 7:40/mile
  • 3 miles, recovery


  • 8 miles, Tempo, 1:00:11


  • Bikram, 1:30:00


  • Easy 10 miles @ 8:09/mile



Total: 38.5 Miles
11 Weeks until Savannah! 

30-Day Yoga Challenge: Result

Well, if the goal was to get in 30 yoga classes in 30 days (which it was) then I failed quite miserably.  However, I really don’t want to look at it that way.  I’m pretty sure I made it to 20+ classes during the month of June but unfortunately I lost track. 

Tally’s were kept on a printed out calendar which was lost at some point during a visit from my good friend Jonna in the middle of the month. 

Here we are classin’ it up at Girl and the Goat:


I really don’t think I want consider making it to 20 yoga classes in one month a failure by any means In fact, it’s probably the most classes I’ve taken in one month ever,  so I’ll go ahead and pat myself on the back for really trying to stick to it!

Some highlights:

  1. Making it to 10 bikram classes and never having to sit out once during any of the poses.
  2. When my shoulders opened up on Half Moon Pose (Ardha-Chandrasana) around the 6th or 7th time at Bikram, and I could put my elbows behind my ears.
  3. Trying studios that are new to me (Moksha, Vessel, The Lab)
  4. Re-connecting with my all time favorite yoga instructor ever, ever, ever: Allison English

Some not so pretty moments:

  1. Missing days because of work commitments or travel or race weekends.
  2. Doing three yoga classes in one day to try and get my numbers up.
  3. Having to go to Yoga Sculpt (which I dislike very much) because it was the only class that fit my schedule.
  4. Being too tired to run as it was challenging to choose yoga over running even though my body thanks me!

Brought my yoga mat to the Ragnar Relay:

yoga mat

Some intentions that I set:

  1. Freedom
  2. Patience
  3. One day at a time
  4. Letting go

At the end of the month, I came clean to my friends about all sorts of jumbled up feelings I’d been hiding and I had a massive breakthrough in figuring out why I am the way I am.  I was vulnerable, it hurt for a minute, but then it felt really good.  Felt good to actually answer the question, “How are you?” with true honesty.  I won’t give yoga all the credit, but I will give it some.

"Do you believe in anything?" Why yes, yes I do.