The Smile Project: Days 211-240

211. September 23: Bart Yasso

212. September 24: Coffee with Bart, Twitter, CM12 business

213. September 25: iPhone 5. Yeah.

214. September 26: Clique. Allison English. Hillary Cavan, Shenna Engleman.

215. September 27: Blogging for lululemon, Lizzi Edwards. Thursday rituals, Chase Auditorium and Carl Kassell

216. September 28: MDW-FLL, Officer Berey and Lisa, 6 girls + 1 handle of vodka. Swimming in the intercoAstal. 

217. September 29: Officer Berey and Lisa, 16 miles + Soraya. Nicknames. Bootcamp. Boat. Diesel coffee.

218. September 30: Getting caught in the pantry, pedis + whole foods. Professor pickup and a story about a nun.

219. October 1: Pumpkin spice latte. Monday rituals. Hugs with Becca, KP, KK and Liz. 

220. October 2: Fact: R.Kelly now owns one of my running medals. 

221. October 3: Jason Shaver & the morning track crew. The Professor. Shenna Engleman.

222. October 4: Watching the container arrive at North Ave. Beach

223. October 5: The container, the professor, the milkshake

224. October 6: A speech about Greatness, Drew Jones and Annie Jones, a trip to Tuscany

225. October 7: The Chicago Marathon. Lululemon.  Stacy Greanias. A love note and a kiss.

226. October 8: Sleep. Fall ingredients.

227. October 9: The New Tuesday, Liz Berey, Facebook

228. October 10: Lines of vision, final track practice of the season, overcoming fear

229. October 11: Ayani Hererra

230. October 12: Debra Kosek, BFFriday, Chocolate chili

231. October 13: Winter running, a bagel sandwich, 9.79*

232. October 14: “Hipster Changes a Flat”

233. October 15: DEVELOPMENT. Listening. Corker Commandments.

234. October 16: Liz Berey, Christen Terry, Hillary Cavan, Becky Perez

235. October 17: Morning meeting laugh session

236. October 18: All things pumpkin + the professor

237. October 19: Golden sh*t, a smile-filled 3 hour car ride in the rain, a less nightmarish version of Meet the Parents, the amish and chocolate chip cookies

238. October 20: ‘Good Morning’ - Kanye West, David Colidago, Hugh Mundy, Lisa Mazzocco, Laszlo Korsos, Jason Hageman, Anita DiCello, Jim DiCello. The finish line, orange trees, motivational thoughts, my sister’s wedding, marathon #18.

239. October 21: Lynne, Eric and Jackson Fox, a guy who drinks vinegar, 

240. October 22: Tears, red roses and a #18 balloon.

The Smile Project: Days 121-150

121. June 26: BART YASSO

122. June 27: BART YASSO

123. June 28: BART YASSO

124. June 29: Liz, Dave, Steve. “Don’t get too drunk and freak out”

125. June 30: Running, strawberry popsicles, 7lbs of cherries, Michelle & Soraya

126. July 1: Lauren Wechsler, saltines, the GG’s, a patio and pasta

127. July 2: Tempo run, Katie Turner, Crossfit Hot Box Mile record!

128. July 3: Lisa, 400s, 800s, being badass.

129. July 4: Festive outfit, lemon blueberry cupcakes

130. July 5: “Peanut Butter and Jelly” Oatmeal, work, Becca/salmon/quinoa, Dirty Paws/Little Talks/Love, Love, Love

131. July 6: BFFriday, heatwave, melted bike, puerto rican water park

132. July 7: everything.

133. July 8: Sitting on the stoop with Katy

134. July 9: Tempo run, holy omg awesome.

135. July 10: A 1 gallon water jug from March ‘2003’

136. July 11: Laura Klauberg

137. July 12: Lizzi Edwards and her yoga adjustments

138. July 13: Hadley. 

139. July 14: Running in the rain, good chats on a hike, (re)kindled friendships, Annakate, dancing, laughing, laughing some more.

140. July 15: Photographs

141. July 16: Becca Powelson, R. Kelly Sing-a-long

142. July 17: Practical jokes, Trader Joe’s grocery drop-off

143. July 18: Feedback Forum for Runners

144. July 19: Family, old and new

145. July 20: Trirades, Chicken Calendar, German Birthday Cake

146. July 21: Mud puddles, run lessons, my mom

147. July 22: KK, LB, JW, DR

148. July 23: Liz Berey, The Mondays, getting real and dirty.

149. July 24: “She’s my friend in real life.” 

150. July 25: 5 am runs, Hillary, Be-boppin’

The Smile Project: Days 31-60

31. March 28: Sister got a big promotion at work and is moving back to Seattle!

32. March 29: Chocolate Malted Bread Pudding at Telegraph

33. March 30: I CAN RUN AGAIN!

34. March 31: Health Insurance

35. April 1: Run lululemon: Chicago has 169 likes and we haven’t even started yet #goosebumps.

36. April 2: I’m always pleasantly surprised when I call home and my 14 year old brother answers the phone. I guess I just expect my parents to but when he does and I hear his voice on the other end, I just know that my face lights up. I LOVE him.

37. April 3: 21 people

38. April 4: Yoga sculpt. (FYI this never makes me smile, today… it did)

39. April 5: Got territorial over my PT, kind of obsessed with her!!

40. April 6: “Christmas Eve”

41. April 7: The quiet of Rush St. in the early hours of Saturday morning before all the runners arrived for the first long run of the season. #thisiswhatilivefor

42. April 8: Easter pants, impromptu dinner guest, fresca, presents, random bouts of dance, visitors at work, laughing about some of said visitors, nicknames, meatings… and lack thereof.

43. April 9: The Gina & Shenna Show, Apres Recovery, Bon Iver

44. April 10: Runner’s glow and ninja kicks

45. April 11: #thatawkwardmomentwhen

46. April 12: Whole Foods, Mary & Dave, Angie & Mike, possibility, coaches, coaching, gelato

47. April 13: yogi friends

48. April 14: K&S, MC, MC, AB, Bone Marrow, Maudes, Old Town Social, Dave’s giant hugs

49. April 15: twelve foot spoons, BINGO arm, New Muffalo, Twitta.

50. April 16: Boston Marathon webcast online, reading my recap from a year ago, getting chills thinking about the work that’s paid off, the rotten heart

51. April 17: Taking on personal development, head first heart open

52. April 18: First Time Digs Re: Jessi, Beat Kitchen, quick smile-filled chat on the phone, making plans, integrity

53. April 19: #joblove, pub crawl, BEST FRIENDS

54. April 20: Instagram and photos of tulips all over this city!

55. April 21: Laura Mercier, RL, NoMi, Namaste

56. April 22: Usher “You Got it Bad” impromptu karaoke

57. April 23: Beauty Detox Solution cooking day

58. April 24: Angus Dunn and Erin Smith

59. April 25: Chase Bank customer service, Bart Yasso in the mail

60. April 26: Hillary, non-stick baking pans, margaritas, the Daily Tank, Liz Berey (<- always comes back to Liz Berey) :)

Let&#8217;s do some 800s

Let’s do some 800s