"A true master once told me only those who can internally see who they want to become, and painfully long for it, can achieve their potential. Being human is art, and expanding potential afflicts us. Be grateful for your discomfort with your current condition; that discontent lies at the heart of motivation, passion and growth. Without glimpsing what you want to become next you could not continue to evolve. Only when we don’t pine for growth should we worry, for then no matter how hard we try, we go nowhere quickly. You are feeling exactly what you need to be feeling to take the next big leap. Just remember, when you feel this again, after you’ve succeeded at overcoming the impending transformation, you feel this way because it is your power, your ability to change. Too few have it because current life can squelch our internal light. Treasure it. Share it."

Scott Sonnon, CEO RMAX International, Coach and Creator of CST, TACFIT via Allison English